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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Art and Clock Wall Project Reveal

The long awaited clock and art wall project has now been hung up on the wall between the kitchen and dining area.

I was a little worried about it's eclectic look clashing with the contemporary set up of the dining area but I think it works well ... it adds interest and personality and will definitely be a talking point at the dinner table!

Since I first started creating the clock and art wall I have been adding and taking away art, frames and clocks from the design and playing with the layout so many times that I just couldn't bare to change it any more! 

Then when Mr P went to hang them up we changed it around a bit more again and I'm really happy with how it has turned out. 

This is how my art and clock wall project came together ...

Tools of the trade - A level, tape measure, pencil, drill and different sized nails

The final collection and layout ready to hang
Mr P drew a line from the bottom of the light switch and worked our way upwards
Frame by frame they were added to the wall
I tried to evenly space the colours by placing them diagonally to one another
A new addition to the wall is this playboy bunny art made by an old work colleague who is also an artist

My favourite is still the rhino hook I got from Typo

The top of the wall

The middle of the wall

The bottom of the wall

The finished art and clock wall project

I know this will be an evolving design and I can add different art to the frames when I feel like I want a change. 

I'm really liking how it has come together and have had so much fun creating this gallery style wall.

I haven't spent a lot of money either a lot of the pieces I already had and just reused them and some of the art was hand made and free. Just goes to show what you can create with a bit of time and imagination.

Source list: 
$20  Silver clock, Target
$10  Yellow clock, Sportsgirl
$55  Stag head art, Lucius Art Etsy
$0  Playboy bunny art, Gift
$0  Moby print, Posters Book gift
$12  White frame, Ikea
$4  Silver frame, Myer
$0  Wallpaper DIY
$4  Black frame, Reject Shop
$3.30  Keep calm and eat more cake card, Typo
$0  Black frame, gift
$0  Patterned paper from magazine DIY
$0  Two silver frames, gifts
$15  Rhino head, Typo
$0  Laughter is wine for the soul card, Kiki card set
$5  Yellow frame, Sportsgirl
$0  Nobody puts baby in a corner, DIY
$7  Gold and white ombre frame, Typo
$0  Art card of girls having a food fight

What do you think of the art and clock wall?

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[All images my own] 

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  1. The wall looks great Michelle, great job. I'm loving the rhino. Lisa xo

  2. looks amazing! Digging the pops of yellow

  3. Looks awesome!! I love a wall that gets its character from a variety of art and structures!

  4. I adore it! Hmmmmmm I am going to use your tips to help with my Weird Wall. I really enjoy your Blog and have found heaps of things to help us!

  5. Love your new wall, it looks great...I use to take everything and cut out the pattern of it with paper bags and tape them on the wall to see how it looked...Yours turned out so wonderful...Phyllis

  6. Great wall! Love that rhino hook!

  7. love it great job, love the colour coordination. my favourite is the stag head art. xxx

  8. Thanks for your kind words everyone glad you love it as much as I do :)

  9. Looks great Michelle! Love the pieces you chose. I've got a thing for yellow at the moment.


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