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Monday, October 21, 2013

Photo A Day: October Days 10 - 18

I'm back with my second round of October's Photo A Day challenge which I'm joining in with Fat Mum Slim. I admit there were some tricky ones especially as I continued to play on my trip to Sydney last week but I only had to dig a few photos from the archives which was a pretty good effort I think.
You can see my first 1-9 days of photos over here.
These are Days 10 - 18 of photos from the prompts above ...
10 Mr Ps hardworking hands; 11 My magazine stash; 12 Looking below at painted nails;
13 Lexi's always watching me; 14 My new kitchen bench; 15 Shopping at Victoria Secret;
16 Leafy trees; 17 What side of my king size bed to sleep on ; 18 Still waters of Swan River;

It's funny how my eyes are peeled now when I'm heading out and about or even at home. I also like the way others interpret the word for the day there are so many clever cookies out there.
Is anyone else playing along with FMS Photo A Day?
Let me know so I can follow along with you!

You can find and follow mine on my Facebook page here

[1st Image via Fat Mum Slim all other images my own]
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  1. great photos! i should sign up for something similar sometime to keep myself inspired with my photography too.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

    1. Yes you should its good fun and has definately helped me take more photos :)

  2. I love the painted nails picture. Very clever and a really good photograph too. If I had a good camera I would be out there snapping away!..... Candy


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