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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top Projects of 2010

As 2010 draws to an end I'm joining in with Southern Hospitalities year of project review and sharing my Top Projects of 2010.

So .... To those nights we stayed in and cooked instead of dining out at some expensive resaurant ..... To those movies we watched on tv instead of at the cinema ..... To those weekends spent at Bunnings instead of Supre ..... To those nights we stayed in and made our own cocktails instead of paying the barman to make them ..... This is what we've managed to accomplished with some hard work, loud music, chilled beers and wine and the passion and enthusiasm of wanting to turn our first house into a home.

Top 5 Jarrah Jungle Projects for 2010

1. We finished the Master Bedroom - painting, installed wardrobe and decorating
2. Making my own art for the Master Bedroom
3. Finding the perfect pair of curtains for the Master bedroom - from then to now it took a lot longer than expected!
4. Finishing the Craft Room/Study - painting and hanging blinds
5. Decorating the Craft Room/Study - Styling my new bookcase, Making a wrapping station, Unleashing my bird obsession with a bit of creative flair and Finding the perfect rug

I only started my blog in May 2010 when the Master Bedroom was finished so I don't have many posts for those projects, but I do have a page for each room that we've completed so far so to see all the juicy BEFORE and AFTER photos you can click on the pages of rooms on the right hand side of my blog. I'd love to hear any comments or advice from you to know you stopped by :)

You can check out the other many projects carried out by fellow talented bloggers here. I can just imagine that the 2011 list is going to be even longer as we are all inspired and energised to get going on next years projects as soon as the clock strikes midnight!
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  1. I love the phrase for your wall art, that is such a sweet sentiment. And the craft room is so pretty! That rug is so great!!

  2. just checked through your before and after pics,,, looooove your wardrobe!!! i have been imagining one of those!
    we move into our do-er-up-er in 3 weeks and cannot wait to get started!
    has your enthusiasum remained steady throughout, or should i be prepared for a fall?

  3. Hi Michelle,
    Saw your master bedroom and other projects/makeovers. I love your wardrobe,very simple but compact and nice. And oh, the white curtain and bed sheets make your bedroom very comfy! You and your partner did great!


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