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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Book Club: Chocolat The Movie

After reading the sweet book Chocolat by Joanne Harris, us Tuesday Girls got together and watched the movie Chocolat to compare the two
For once I actually liked the movie better than the book. I'll admit it probably had a lot to do with the hunk of a spunk Johnny Depp being the love interest!
The movie wasn't the same as the book in that the characters love interests were quite different and the main rouge is the Town Mayor in the movie whereas it's the Priest in the book. The moral of the story and feeling of the movie is the same as the book, it is a sweet story and made a perfect girls night in!

Each of us bought a sweet dish to share and had gourmet pizzas and bubbly. It is impossible to watch this movie without eating chocolate ... there are too  many tantalising chocolate scenes you would go crazy with cravings so be prepared with your snacks!

I made this chocolate platter which went down a treat!

Do you have a favourite Book vs Movie?

[Movie image here - Other image my own]

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  1. I definitely preferred the movie too. Thought it was magical - I think Johnny Depp helped too!

  2. I love that movie - its the screen version of comfort food!

  3. Really?! People always say the, "the book is better than the movie". I will have to go pick up the book and see :) Thanks for sharing


  4. I've never read the book, but this is one of my favorite movies! It's just so sweet and lovely to watch, and has a great story! Love this one for sure. Glad you liked it too! And that sounds like such a fun, awesome and yummy girls night in!

  5. This is funny you bring up this book, I actually have to disagree a little. Here's the problem, I saw the movie before i read the book but I liked the book better, probably because I was filling my head with the beautiful images from the movie, right?
    Also funny that I read that book when I was in Surfer's Paradise, Austalia. I think I told you I wondered aroudn your country for a few months about 10 years ago:) xoxoxo Hanna

  6. I had no idea that there was a book! I shouldn't be surprised--almost every movie is based off of some kind of literature, well known or not.
    I only saw the movie once. My college roommate LOVED this movie and promised me that Johnny Depp had never looked hotter. She was right!


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