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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Perfect Sunday Dinner

Our Weber BBQ gets quite the workout on Sundays and I'm sure drives the neighbors crazy with the delicious smoky smells drifting around at dinner time

There's a bit of an art to stacking an equal amount of heat beads and letting them fire up for a good 30- 40 minutes before it's ready to put the food in to cook  .... While waiting for it to heat up I get the meat and vegetables ready

I make a little foil boat for the vegetables to sit in, 2 layers of foil usually does the trick and it saves me buying the disposal trays which you can only use once

I chop up potatoes, carrots and onions and drizzle on olive oil, garlic and herb seasoning, salt and pepper and put them into their foil boat

Soak about a cup of smoking chips (purchased from Bunnings) in wine and stock for about half an hour and then when the Weber's ready to BBQ strain the liquid and spread the chips onto the heat beads ... they add a wonderful smoky flavour to the food

The pork roast gets rubbed in olive oil all over, seasoned with lots of salt and cracked pepper and topped with a few cloves of garlic and fresh herbs .... I always choose a pork roast with a lot of rind as I absolutely love pork crackle!

A tray goes in under the grill plate to collect the juices, the smoking chips are scattered over the heat beads and the pork goes straight onto the grill  plate for about 20-30 minutes to crackle up

Then the vegetables are added and the lid goes on for at least an hour for the vegetables to roast and the meat to cook ... It's important to restrain yourself from peeking and taking the lid off or you'll let all the heat out

Once the pork reaches temperature is moist on the inside with the juices running clear and the vegetables roasted, take it out, cut the crackle off (or it will go soggy) and then cover with foil and rest for about 15 minutes while you make the gravy .... Try to refrain from eating all the crackle while you wait!


To make the gravy use the juices from the roast pan, red wine, stock and cornflour to thicken, salt and pepper and then you're ready to serve up a perfect Sunday dinner
Roast Pork With Crackle, Roasted Vegetables and Gravy
That my friends is my perfect Sunday Dinner!
What's your perfect Sunday Dinner?
[All images my own]
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  1. Wow. That looks AMAZING! Sooooooo when can I come over?? :P

  2. Oh, excuse my drooling, but that has to be the best Sunday roast ever. Good to see there was a little crackle left when you served up! Great photo's too, I could almost taste it. My perfect Sunday dinner is at your place!

  3. YUM! I do love a good Sunday toast, that looks very delicious.

  4. Wow, this looks so good and I don't even know how to cook, but I really want to learn to bbq and this looks delicious, especially the potatoes



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