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Thursday, January 3, 2013

My 2012 Word: Decision & My 2013 Word: Embrace

I'm looking back on my 2012 word Decision when I decided to put my foot down and start making decisions instead of ummming and ahhhhing about everything.

These were my 5 commandments:
1. I will not stare at items on shelves for longer than 3 minutes - thall shall make a decision to purchase or not purchase said items
2. I will not buy things to hang on the wall and then not hang them up for months - thall shall make a decision within 2 weeks of where to put that screw and hang that damn thing up
3. I will not have wild decorative dreams of stripes and wallpaper and then chicken out and go the easy plain wall - thall shall make a decision to paint those stripes and hang that wallpaper
4. I will not complain about having the same car for 11 years and tell everyone I've outgrown it and want a change - thall shall make a decision and buy another car
5. I have been given choices in this life and I will not doubt, procrastinate, say maybe, umm and ahh if I really want something - thall shall make a decision
Well I have to say I'm pretty impressed with my decision making skills this year ...
I've had no trouble filling my trolley with homewares, art and even things that wouldn't fit in the car!
I made the decision to upscale my master bedroom light fitting and while I was at it I picked out all the lights for the rest of the house which was a huge decision and took a few trips here and here to do. I thought about my word "decision" a lot on those shopping trips - I didn't want to settle and buy something because I'd hoped more designs would come out but in the end I couldn't procrastinate any longer and had to buy what was available so they could be installed when the electrician was here so it all worked out ok.
I got out the wallpaper and got my stripe on not once but twice!
I made some bad decisions with exterior paint colours (remember the hulk green house? It all feels like a distant memory now!) but also made some good decisions on the rest of the exterior materials and garage door so I feel pretty good about that.

I'll admit it I still have a few items I've bought that I'm yet to decide where to hang - you got me I still can't make decisions when it comes to drilling holes in those walls I spent days scraping sanding and painting but that's because I know once they are up they ain't coming down!
I still have the same car - my excuse is that until the driveway is in I can't drive in and out of the garage properly (I'm using ramps!) so when the driveway is in that's when I'll get my shiny new car.
Sheesh when I see it like that I've made a heck of a lot of decisions this year and that doesn't include the what do I wear/eat/drink questions I have every single day!
As for my 2013 word well, as mentioned in my New Year wish list my word this year is Embrace - I want to embrace challenges that come my way, embrace my creative side, embrace opportunities as you never know where they may lead, embrace change and not be afraid of it and embrace love from friends and family.

What is your 2013 word?
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  1. You did do good with your decision making last year, there were lots of new and different things happening at your place! Totally agree re the car, new driveway, new car. Plus, you'd have to wash it all the time coz it would keep getting sandy.
    Good luck with your embracing of 2013 :)

  2. Embrace is on my 'beautiful words' list to live life by - embrace, joy, kindness, nurture, possibility... you know the list. I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful year, Michelle. x

  3. Hey Michelle! Thank you for the lovely New Years greeting you left on my blog .. it was a pleasant and welcome surprise.

    Your year of decisions certainly were fruitful. I have loved following you around your decisions - the good, the very good and the ugly ;-) We still learn from the few uglies!

    I love your 2013 word - it evokes something quite powerful and heartfelt. May all you Embrace make you truly happy!

    xx Jodie

  4. love your 2013 word - so perfect!

  5. Oooh, you've got me about the car - and I have been talking about getting a new one for years now... Time to get serious. I like your idea of a word for a year... If only I could decide on one! Happy New Year

  6. Embrace is a wonderful word. You really did a fantastic job the whole last year. The painted stripes are particularly wonderful.

    Now I want to steal your word for this year because I cannot think of a better one. If I had two words it would be embrace change.

  7. I love that embrace is your 2013 word. I think mine for this year will be 'appreciate'.

  8. i love this! i am a libra, so decisions are the hardest for me. i look forward to seeing you embrace this new year

  9. Embrace is a fantastic word! So fantastic in fact that Sydney Harbour took it on as well. Go you!
    Perhaps I need to add a little embrace in my world to help slow me down(so that I don't get overtaken with WILL)
    I look forward to spending more time cruising by the Jarrah Jungle this year (and seeing some of those pictures hung).
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  10. That is pretty impressive accomplishing of resolutions there! I hope you have just as much if not more success with Embrace :)

  11. I love the idea of a word for the year, embrace is a very good choice, I hope it brings you a wonderful year!

    Zoe xx

  12. i like this idea, too. I have never done it... I see it each year from bloggers all over, but never chose one for myself. I'll have to get back to ya on this one ;)

  13. Great word for 2013, I like it. I may just have to think a little more about that myself! Lovely blog space


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