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Friday, January 18, 2013

Fridays Letters - Dear New Addition

It's time for the Friday's Letters link up ... thanks a bunch The Sweet Season for hosting my favourite party!
I'm imagining this weeks letters are written on this comfy yellow couch surrounded by the perfectly styled bookcase I'll be right at home
Dear New Addition - Mr P and I rescued from the RSPCA a little Rottie X Staffy 1.5 yr old pup on the weekend and called her Lexi. So far this week I've learnt not to leave anything outside that can be chewed, taught Lexi how to catch the ball AND bring it back and realised just how much love, attention and affection she needs!
Dear Entire Week Of Training - After 5 days of training this week I don't think my brain can possibly absorb any more information. I'll actually be glad to be back in the office next week ... just don't quote me on that!

Dear Flybuy Points - I've been collecting Flybuy points for 10+ years and for the first time ever actually redeemed my points. A 12 month Super Food Ideas magazine subscription is on it's way to me but the funny thing is it's only valued at $30 - which makes me think all those years of shopping and card swiping what have I really achieved?!

Dear Kitchen Design - You are finally in the making! After a trip to a Kitchen Showroom on the weekend, a Kitchen Designer came out this week and spent 2 hours helping us design our Kitchen Reno. I can't wait to see the plan drawn up ... then to pick the doors, bench top, splash back, appliances etc. Exciting times ahead!
Dear Chocolat The Movie - Can't wait for tonight's movie night with the Tuesday Girls to compare Chocolat the movie with Chocolat the book we read. Everyone is bringing chocolate treats of some kind too not to mention the eye candy of Johnny Depp!


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  1. I just found out yesterday that "Chocolat" was a book. Own the film and love it, so it's on my reading list to find the book. Such a good story! Happy Friday!

    Silver @ A Silver Snapshot

  2. Good for you for rescuing a dog! And I know how frustrating the chewing phase is.

    Stopping by from Friday's Letters!


  3. Congrats on your new dog!! Hope y'all have a great weekend!!

  4. That's a cute idea for a girls night! I love it! Have fun!

  5. aww post a pic of Lexi! Happy weekend!

  6. id love to read the book because i really liked the movie! I'm so happy i found your blog through the blog hop:) cant wait to read more! xo


  8. It's so nice of you to rescue a dog. She's one lucky dog for sure.

    Visiting over from Friday's Letter.

  9. I can't wait to meet Lexi! I hope you're going to post a picture soon. I haven't had a pet in years, I really can't wait to have a puppy again and maybe a horse! :)


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