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Monday, January 7, 2013

Oh Shit It's Monday

I had a totally indulgent relaxing Xmas Holiday with plenty of sleep ins, Foxtel remote holding, midnight swims to cool off, slothing inside in the air con, catch up with friends and family, hitting the sales, and more than a few homemade cocktails. It was just what I wanted for my Xmas Holidays!

But now it's back to reality as the start of the working week beckons ....
Oh shit it's Monday!
Let's hope it's not too painful!

[Image from my Pinterest here]
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  1. Bummer dude. Work is annoying like that! x

  2. UGH! Mondays are stinky...actually our whole week is lame... Termite renewal tomorrow, vet appt for the doggie, my annual appt (boo...)

    SO. NOT. FUN.

    At least these 2 little monkeys of mine will keep me on my toes LOL

    Have a good week, girl!

  3. And isn't all that what the holidays are about! I hope the move back into 'reality' isn't too painful.

  4. Going back to work after the holidays is one of the hardest and most depressing thing to do. But hope you have a great week anyway. x

  5. I need this image as a poster on my wall! Although I need to have one for the rest of the week too!

  6. Glad you had such a relaxing and fun holiday! I feel like a need a vacation after mine!!!


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