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Monday, May 13, 2013

Appliances - White Vs Silver

We need to buy a lot of appliances for the new kitchen: Oven, Stove top, Range hood, Microwave and Dishwasher and while we're at it we'll probably buy a new coffee machine, kettle and toaster too as these are a bit worn out - the coffee machine is possessed and turns itself on and starts leaking water everywhere it's a little scary and the kettle leaks which is kind of dangerous too!

The lure of shiny silver appliances has been around for years now for everything from fridges to microwaves to kettles. But the plain ole faithful white shouldn't be overlooked as it will blend in better with white cabinetry.

White Vs Silver debate
We already have a fridge - a silver double door fridge which was our housewarming present for ourselves when we moved in. It's been our best purchase to date it has filtered water and ice and a pop down flap at the front where the most used items like milk phfft ok beers and wine sit for easy access without having to open the fridge doors.

As for the rest of the appliances I was going to jump on the silver bandwagon and get all shiny silver appliances except I realised for the dishwasher this would be sitting in a bank of white kitchen cupboards so a silver appliance will really stand out. If the dishwasher was white then it would blend in and make the cupboards look more streamline. 
Checking the white dishwasher against our cupboard colour chip
The oven, microwave and range hood will be on the same wall as the silver fridge so having all silver appliances will look good in this cooking area. The overhead cabinets have a silver edge to the cabinets with glass door panels so this is definitely going to be a shiny silver zone.
Silver microwave is the colour of choice
The stove top will sit on the black granite bench top so we have chosen a black ceramic base rather than silver so it blends in and disappears into the bench. I'm toying with the idea of having a silver and black range hood to sit above the stove top to match in with it.

Stove top with a black ceramic base
Range hood in black and silver
So that's some of the colour choices for the appliances - we have purchased our oven and stove top but we're still deciding on the rest.

Surprisingly I haven't found a lot of useful reviews of the appliances we were looking at buying so I intend to share some decent reviews about them to help out anyone else wanting to buy appliances. One of the main reasons I started this blog was to share my insight into the projects we do as I often couldn't find the information needed no matter how hard I searched Google so I plan on paying it forward and giving out as much as I can to my fellow readers.

What are your thoughts on White Vs Silver appliances?

[All images my own]
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  1. When we renovated our kitchen we bought new toaster, kettle, and other appliances too! We ended up with silver appliances, but only because the brand and model we wanted only had that option. Looks good though, the silver ones.

  2. Silver appliances literally and figuratively have the shine but in real life and personal experience the silver ones just need that extra care and maintenance. Dirt and grime seems to stick to it and is more noticeable. Unless you get the same silver shade from one brand then all the silver tinges clash ever so slightly. But also depending on the cupboards white or silver can clash. Personally I think it streamlines a kitchen look if it has cupboard doors over the appliances as well.

    1. That is so true about there being different shades of silver and the finger prints on them drive me mad! Thanks so much for your advice :)

  3. We have white now, but its because we had white already. I would really prefer silver, though :)

  4. I vote for the silver, your dishwasher in white cabinets will look great, your white dishwasher in your white cabinets will look great but may not be the right white if you know what I mean. Kettle, Toaster and Coffee maker we got are all Delonghi, love them. We have a black granite bench top, nice and shiny, I love it, easy to take care of, ensure you dry as you go or you will have wet shadows that do disappear, I am very fussy. Happy shopping. xxx

    1. I know what you mean on getting the right white. Or worse if the dishwasher changes colour (like my microwave has) and starts to yellow, that would not look good! Thanks for the tip I want to make sure my black granite bench top stays nice and shiny too :)

  5. I had a white fridge that was fairly new but had to buy new dishwasher, stove, oven and rangehood. I couldn't justify buying a new microwave so it hides away in the pantry. I went with a white dishwasher while the stove and oven are silver - all with white cupboards. I'm pretty happy! Lisa xo

    1. Nice, thats the look I want too ... but as mentioned to Rae I just hope the white appliances dont fade or have a different colour to the cubpoards.

  6. Just had a thought... if you are going through a company to install the kitchen check if they can order the appliances for you wholesale. I did and saved over $1000 doing it this way. Worth asking! Lisa xo

  7. If/when I actually own a home rather than rent... I am sooo painting all of my appliances RED!!! And painting the walls yellow. I've seen some good info on Pinterest on the subject.


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