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Friday, May 31, 2013

Fridays Letters - Dear Week Off Work

Friday you have come around bloody fast this week and not only is it a long weekend but I have the whole of next week off work. Woo hoo!
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I'm imagining I'm writing this weeks letters from this very modern and shiny home office tapping away at the keyboard while sipping on a dry martini.

Dear Week Off Work - Taking a whole week off next week so the kitchen can be installed is a bitter sweet thing ... yay the kitchen is going in after 6 weeks of waiting but boo I have to hang around home for deliveries and installation!
Dear Long Weekend - What it's the WA Day Long Weekend this week? I wouldn't know I'll be working at home! The theme this year is Celebrate WA and is a day to recognise our Indigenous history, European settlers and many people from all over the world who now call WA home.
Dear Kitchen Reno - This weekend is the last one to get everything ready for the install next week. We still have floorboards to finish sanding, walls to plaster, a ceiling to paint, appliances and lights to buy, kitchen cabinets to inspect and to pick out the granite slab for the bench top ... the list goes on!
Dear French Doors - The doorway is in, the glass has been ordered cut and collected and we have to fit the glass into the doors, stain the doors, then hang them over the weekend. Having french doors has been a long lived dream and I can't wait to see how the finish product looks. You better be awesome doors!

Dear New Ceiling - Sometimes it's nice to pay someone else to do some of the work instead of us ... and that included putting in the new ceiling in the kitchen this week. Pity we're the ones that have to paint it though!
Dear Kitchen With No Lights - The kitchen lights were disconnected on Tuesday so the new ceiling could go in which means we're walking around this room in darkness which isn't fun for a scardy cat like me! It has made cooking on the oven/stove impossible too so I see some lazy dinners and dining out until the new kitchen and lights are in ... this could be another week or so!
Dear Floor Sander - How dare you slip and cut into poor Mr P's wrist. He had to get stitches and has put a halt on the work he can do. Whose going to sand the floorboards now you stupid bloody sander!
Dear Mr P - You have been working your butt off on this reno and it wouldn't be possible to do without you. Even with a stitched up wrist you are determined to get this kitchen finished. You're amaze-balls. You are awesome babe xx
Dear Lexi - Week 19 and you are still digging holes every time I give you a bone. But why do you dig so many holes .... is it because you can't remember where you buried the bone?
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  1. Enjoy your week off, just think of all the pictures you can take for the blog which you wouldn't be able to get if you weren't home. And I'm sure there will be some nice time to relax with a cuppa and a magazine in between.

    1. Yes thats very true I can get heaps of progress shots :) And definately time for a chill out with a magazine in between!

  2. You know what my friend did with his hole digging dog? He blew up a balloon, buried it and then when the dog dug it out & it popped, the dog never dug again!

    Here's hoping...

    1. Oh man Lexi would crap herself shes already a little timid around loud noises!

  3. loving your journey, sorry to hear about the injury. Don't think Lexi will give up till she's about two. xx

    1. Thanks Rae hes on the mend now thankfully :) Just a few more months of digging to put up with then hopefully!


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