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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Holiday For A Cause - Family

I didn't think I would be heading overseas for a holiday this year because of the work we want to do around the house with the Kitchen Renovation and Courtyard.

Except that my Nanna who is my only remaining grandparent has been asking me for almost 5 years now when we can go on another cruise together and I knew that I needed to put some time aside to make her wishes come true while she is still able to travel.

My gorgeous Nanna

My Nanna and I, my parents, and my Aunt and Uncle (my Dad's brother) went on a family cruise for my Nanna's 80th Birthday on board the Sun Princess in 2007.

We had 3 cabins that were right next door to one another and I shared with my Nanna ... the first thing she said to me when we got inside was "What happens in the cabin stays in the cabin" and after that hysterical laughter I knew we were going to have a very entertaining few weeks!

My Nanna and I sharing a cabin pondering the tough decisions ... What should I wear tonight?!

We did a 16 day cruise around Australia from Sydney to Fremantle.

On my Nanna's Birthday we arrived in Cairns and I had organised for a limousine to pick us up from the port and tour us around the city .... there it was waiting stocked full of cans of bourbon for the men and bubbly for us ladies and we were driven around town in style.

Surprise we hired a limo!
From Left to Right - Aunt, Uncle, Nanna, Dad, Mum and Me

I was a little worried at first, being a 27 year old single girl, how I would go sharing with my Nanna who lives in the country so I only see a few times a year.

But we had a bloody fantastic time together she was actually a pretty good wing man pointing out the cute bartenders and then chatting to them and cheekily pointing in my direction - yes it was embarrassing but she did get me lots of attention! It really was a treasured time for all of us and I know those memories will last for many more years to come.

My wing man can spot a handsome young feller from a mile away

And now we are going to do it again ... taking my Nanna on a cruise aboard one of the worlds biggest ships the Voyager of the Seas. We were a bit worried about the size of the ship being too big but I think we will manage ok after all what's the rush when you're on holidays! 

This time we are going with my parents, Mr P and I (this will be our second cruise together) and my Nanna is sharing with a friend of my Mum's who is also in her 80s.

Things will probably move a bit slower this time and that's fine. The main thing is that my Nanna goes on this cruise holiday and eats all the delicious food, experiences the fine service and entertainment, enjoys travelling out of Australia through New Caledonia, Fiji and New Zealand and that we all have a happy healthy fun time.

Grandmothers sprinkle stardust over Grandchildren’s lives

 photo F0F68C01A59FABD46732FC15E1D8816D_zpsc6047f2f.png

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  1. You are SO sweet to take your Grandma on cruises, and goshers... I hope I am living it up like that at 80, too! I love Royal Caribbean, I think the Voyager is one of their ships, right? I have been on two of their BIG ships and they are amazing!!!

    1. Yes so do I ... she will turn 86 on the cruise this time around! Yes thats right its going to be a very big ship I hope I dont get lost :)

  2. I hope it was great memorable of shipping travel to you and your Grandma and You are SO sweet to take your Grandma on cruises, and goshers... I think the Voyager is one of their ships in limo sydney, right? I have been on two of their BIG ships and they are amazing!!!

  3. How fantastic, what great memories you will have, enjoy, lots of photos please, I am to terrified to get on a boat let alone go on a cruise xxx

    1. My nanna was terrified about going on a cruise too but we assured her she wouldnt even know she was on the water the stabilisers are so good ... since the first cruise she has been asking to go on another one ever since!

  4. How exciting! You're going to have so much fun. I've never been on a cruise before.. thanks for sharing these photos. Take a lot more!

    This is my first visit here and I like your blog! It's so cool that you're from Australia!

  5. What an awesome trip & your nanna sounds like a blast!

    I'm still yet to go on a cruise so will be living through your next set of photos :)


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