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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kitchen Electrics and Plumbing and When Its Ok To Draw On Walls

Last Weekend I was having deja vu from when we did the plumbing in the bathroom and it took 2 days to redo all the plumbing because we totally reconfigured the layout and pipes. Luckily the kitchen wasn't as bad it took just 1 day ... also lucky is we had our plumbing mate helping us again so labour was paid in toasted sandwiches and cold beers!

Mr P and his best mate the super star plumber laid all new electrical conduits in the walls for the power points, light switches and a point for the gas (we're converting from electric stove to a gas one which will be so much better to cook on). They also redid the plumbing and pipes for the sink and dishwasher.
The first job would've been fun for kids to do draw on the walls! We marked out where all the cabinetry will go thus working out where we need to put power points and light stitches.
When it's ok to draw on the walls!
We want a 1.5 sink so worked out where the plumbing and pipes need to go and also pipes for the dishwasher. I've only ever had a single sink but the extra .5 sink will be useful when I've just filled up the sink and then need to tip something out or rinse it I don't know about you but this happens to me all the time!
Looking at technical drawing of sink to work out where to lay pipes

Pipes drawn on ready to be cut out

Pipes cut out and new pipes laid

Pipes cemented over ready to be connected

The old ceramic plumbing pipes were removed and replaced with plastic ones.The pipes use to come out of the wall but we pulled them out and cemented over the hole. We will change all the pipes on the back of the house to come out from ground level as having them on the wall is a bit of an eye sore (bathroom and kitchen done but the laundry and air conditioning are still to do).

The window on the left is the kitchen and the window on the right is where we are going to cut the window out and turn it into a doorway with french doors that will go out onto a deck  ... the deck is still to be built as you can see! Currently the only way out to the backyard is through the laundry door which you can see on the far left. Having access from the Kitchen/Dining area is going to make the space flow and be fantastic for when we're entertaining.

Back view of the house

Digging out the old pipes

Lexi aka Site Supervisor thinks this hole is lame ... she can dig much deeper!

Next was the electrical conduits in the walls these were cut into the brick walls with a wet saw and then chipped out. Copper and plastic pipes were laid in the walls and then concreted over. We will need to properly patch and repair the walls ready for painting.
Electrics cut out of walls and pipes laid
Electric conduits fit into the walls ready for electrician to hook up power and lights

Cementing over the pipes in the walls and getting the walls ready for painting

With all the cutting and banging going on there was a bit of an incident on the other side of the kitchen wall in the living room a bit of plaster came flying off just missing my new ceramic stool and landed on the floor! Another wall to patch and paint. Bugger!

That little wooden wedge got knocked a little too hard and caused damage on the other side of the wall
- the Living Room

See the wedge peeking through? That was not meant to happen!

Another patch and repair job that will need to be done and then the wall repainted

Once all that work had been done there was a heap of rubble to clear out of the room. Thank god we put plastic over the floor because the wet saw also left a lot of water behind which turned everything into mud. It wasn't pretty.

A whole lot of brick and rubble
Then the cleaning fairy (yes that's me!) came along and swept, vacuumed, mopped and ta da I'm cooking dinner on the oven come night time ... ok this night in particular we went out for Thai as I was a little to tired to cook and the room still felt a bit damp and dusty from all the day's work.

So that's another job ticked off the Kitchen Action Plan and onto the next ... repairing the floorboards from where the pantry was removed.

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  1. The wedge making an appearance on the other side of the wall happened to us too, although it was something to do with the rangehood installation in our case. The fun of renovating - fix one thing and break another!

    1. Yes its one of those shit happens kind of moments isnt it! At least its nothing we cant fix and Im glad we're not alone in the dangerous job of knocking in wedges :)

  2. Those french doors will look amazing! If I didn't know better, I'd think you two were reno veterans ;)

  3. I'd go out for dinner too after all that!! What a project :) Lots of progress though.


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