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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kitchen Demolition Day 3 - Knocking Out The Pantry

I've shown you the Kitchen Demo Day 1 removing the old kitchen and Demo Day 2 installing the support beams in the ceiling so that takes us to Demo Day 3 to move all the final things out of the Kitchen like the fridge, secure the area so no dust could escape through the house (which didn't really work everything is covered in dust and I'm so over cleaning!) and then knock out the brick pantry.

Our old oven we are keeping in the kitchen until the end so we just covered it up to keep the dust out ... it has been a very strange feeling cooking on the stove in an empty kitchen!

We waited until the very last hour to move the fridge into the makeshift kitchen as its plumbed into the water supply to give us filtered water and ice ... I'm going to miss my filtered water and filled up every bottle I could find before we disconnected it!

Helping to empty the fridge ... one wine bottle at a time!
Gave the fridge a good clean out and then had to move quick to move it into the garage and
get the food back in ... don't want my ice cream to melt!
Plugged the fridge in and got it chilled again and unpacked all the food back in

Then we had to do Dexter's trick (you know the blood splatter analysis serial killer?) and tape up the doorways with plastic sheeting as it was going to get seriously dusty once the bricks start to come down.

The sheeting will stay up until the renovation is finished and we have already gone through 2 rolls of tape trying to get the plastic to stick to the walls.

Doorway from the Kitchen into the Hallway sealed
Doorway from the Living Room into the Kitchen sealed
The pantry shelves had to be removed and we were so surprised to find the shelves had been  made from our jarrah floorboards.

We will need some spare floorboards to repair the floor when the pantry wall comes out so this was such a lucky find.

Mr P knocking out the shelves inside the pantry
The pantry shelves were knocked out using a jimmy bar and hammer
The pantry shelves were made from the Jarrah floorboards - just what we need to repair the floorboards
These boards are the best ones so have put them aside to reuse

Mr P cut a hole in the ceiling inside the pantry and then got to work brick by brick knocking out the pantry while I filled buckets of brick and rubble and kept trying to clear it out of the room.

It was ridiculously dusty work hence the attractive dust masks we are all wearing.

Pantry - skirting, door frame and door removed
The hole in the floorboards that we will repair with the boards found in the pantry
Cut a hole in the ceiling and then worked brick by brick knocking the wall out
Progress made with a sledgehammer, hammer and jimmy bar
A friend came and helped with the promise of a home made Thai Green Chicken Curry
with an extra pair of hands the boys really made progress
There was so much rubble and the floorboards got pretty scratched up with the falling bricks
- we plan on sanding them back and sealing them again just before the new kitchen goes in
Jimmying the frame off and we were all done
There was so much dust, sand, concrete, bricks and rubble to clean up from that little pantry
Still cleaning up!
Cleaned just in time for me to start cooking dinner!
The room looks so much bigger without the pantry wall sticking out
Sealing up the ceiling and floorboards to keep the creep crawlys out
There's been definite progress after those 1, 2 and 3 days of demolition work.

The entire ceiling in the Kitchen and Dining Room will need to be replaced and we are getting the roof carpenter who did our garage ceiling to do that job for us.

Next weekends job (which I'll share with you soon) is to put the electric conduits in the walls, lay the plumbing and install the gas.

The hole in the floorboards will need to be repaired as well.

Then the remaining bricks in the walls will be grinded back and the walls re plastered.

We are also hoping to paint everything before the kitchen goes in if time permits!

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  1. You have a vision! It looks like a lot of work, but fun too. I like the backsplash post.
    Best Wishes!

  2. Eeeeeeek! The walls have been pulled down! That would totally FREAK ME OUT! Looking forward to seeing the next phase.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  3. Boy, that was a solid pantry all right - bet you're glad this bit's done and dusted!

    1. Yes this brick house is so much harder to renovate than a fibro home would be. But thats ok will be worth it when its finished :)


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