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Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday's Letters - Dear Degustation Dinner

Happy Friday everyone! I'm sharing my Friday's Letters over with Ashley at The Sweet Season why don't you head on over here and link up your letters too.
I'm imagining I'm writing this week's letters from this very striking home office with its art gallery wall and I'll be typing away and sipping on a skinny latte.
Dear Degustation Dinner - Mr P and I have been on the waiting list for months at Amuse and really looking forward to tonight's 12 course degustation dinner with matching wines. Let's call it an early Birthday celebration :)

Dear Kitchen Demolition - I still can't believe we ripped out our old kitchen it is kind of bitter sweet seeing it gone and what is left is a lot of work to be done getting ready for the new kitchen!

Dear New Oven and Stovetop - After much research we finally picked out our first lot of appliances for the kitchen and they are ready to be collected this weekend ... so excited!

Dear Cooking In The Garage - The next few weeks are going to be pretty interesting trying to cook in the makeshift kitchen the garage I just have to come up with some more easy meals like my latest slow cooker recipe for Spaghetti Bolognese.

Dear Lexi - Weeks 15 & 16 you are still up to your digging and chewing antics but you are such a smart dog and obedient you have learnt your doggy manners although apparently that's because I'm a bit of a drill sergeant when it comes to doggy manners .... but it's worked you know when to sit on your mat!

Dear Mothers Day - Happy Mothers Day for this Sunday to all the Australian Mums! And especially to my gorgeous happy loving kind caring one of a kind Mum. Love you to the moon and back xx
Dear Overseas Holiday - The deposit has been paid for the South Pacific and New Zealand Cruise and the return flights to Sydney were paid for last week. It feels so good to have a holiday to look forward to ... bring on November.
Head on over here to join in this week's Friday's Letters
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  1. Can't wait to see what appliances you've picked up! & a cruise at the end of the year sounds AMAZING!

  2. sure to remove the garage kitchen once you have your new kitchen. We built up a "temporary" kitchen in the cellar during our kitchen renovation. It is still there and the "new" kitchen is now already in for 6 years :)

    And your holiday plans sound sooo perfect, I´m jealous. Really!

    Have a nice weekend, it´s Mother´s Day-Sunday over here in Germany today! xoxo, Bridy

    1. That is too funny, I'll need to remove the garage kitchen so we can park the cars back in there :)
      Thanks for stopping by from across the seas!


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