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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DIY: How To Repair A Hole In The Floorboards (Using Pantry Shelves!)

You all must know how much I love our jarrah floorboards - I've named this blog after all the jarrah found throughout our home so that will give you a pretty big hint ... Me love them long time!!

When we knocked down the brick pantry it left a few holes in the floorboards that needed to be repaired. We thought we'd have to trawl through salvage yards trying to find a match to the floorboards but we didn't have to spend a cent or even leave the house for these little babies to land in our laps. 

Luck was on our side because the pantry shelves we knocked out just so happened to be made out of our jarrah floorboards.

I kid you not, come take a look ...

The old pantry about to be knocked down
The pantry shelves were made out of our floorboards
All the shelves removed

Setting aside the best floorboards to re-use that weren't covered in paint or sticky contact paper

Mr P spent a bit of time under the house strengthening the floor before the floorboards could be installed. 4 solid jarrah beams recycled from the garage extension were fitted under the floorboards and screwed into place.

Then the floorboards were clicked into place and nailed down.
The pantry with the skirting removed shows there's going to be some holes in the floor

Pantry removed and holes needing repair
Mr P cut around the floorboards that needed repair so they looked like they were staggered and naturally laid that way
Installed 4 big jarrah beams under the house to support the new floor

The pantry shelves aka floorboards then clicked into place
NB: This head lamp is the best invention in the world and so handy when needing to see things better
it gets used all the time!

Whoops one floorboard snapped going back in ... nothing a bit of glue won't fix!
Ta da new floorboards in place

There were 3 boards fixed here plus 1 along the back wall. I like how they are staggered so they will blend in with the rest of the floor.

The floorboards in the Kitchen/Dining Area are now ready to be restored - we need to put filler between each of the boards, then sand them back to remove any scratches or marks in the wood, then they'll be ready for a coat of Tung Oil. Once it's dry they'll get another very light sand and a second coat of Tung Oil. You will never know the floorboards were patched once we've given them the time and attention they deserve!

This is the very last room left to restore the floorboards in - we've done all 4 bedrooms, the Hallway and Living Room. Phew that's a lot of hours gone into loving these floors!

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  1. Wow, that is amazing that you used the pantry shelves and that they were jarrah, too!

    1. I know, I love how they made these old houses back then. They dont use jarrah like that anymore its too precious!

  2. What a great idea, although knowing me, I'd mess this up hahaha, kudos to you!

  3. When I took out the shelves of our linen cupboard to make our coat closet, I discovered the shelves were made of floorboards too - I thought it was just the previous owners being thrifty but obviously it isn't that weird! How great is it that you didn't have to try and track down matching boards? Sometimes you do win when renovating!

    1. Must be an Aussie builders thing to do. Pretty clever really! We definately needed some wins after all the hours we've put in :)

  4. How creative!

    xo Jennifer

  5. Brilliant and a great way to save $$$! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

    1. Absolutely every cent helps doesnt it :)

  6. I've just had a big catch up read of the kitchen renos so far - you've got heaps done!! How perfect that the jarrah floor holes could be replaced by the kitchen pantry shelves. It looks like it's all coming along pretty well so far, hope you are coping okay into week 3 without a proper kitchen!

    And also, happy birthday!

    1. Surviving ... just. Never thought Id say Im over pizza but if I dont see one again for a very long time I'll be happy! Nice to hear from you again x


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