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Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday's Letters - Dear Birthday

I'm just that bit older this Friday ... older but not quite sure about the wiser bit! I'm sharing my Friday's Letters with Ashley at The Sweet Season head on over here to link up your letters too.
I'm imagining I'm writing this weeks letters from this eclectic home office sitting back in the outdoor chair feasting on leftover Birthday cake and a shot of espresso.

Dear Birthday - Another year older and another year I'm shown how special my friends, family and Mr P are to me .... spoilt with flowers, cake, gifts and a surprise visit from my brother. I'm feeling the love xxx
Dear Lexi - Week 17 and I have taken you on your first walk with me all on my very own. Apart from you nearly choking the entire way just so you could walk in front of me to sniff out the bushes I think I did ok.
Dear Kitchen Reno - This weekend we have the brickie coming over to help cut out the window and brick it into a doorway ready for the french doors to be installed. We're at the half way mark now 3 weeks without a kitchen and 3 more weeks to have it all ready for the new kitchen to be installed. We can do it!

Dear Saturday Night's Cross Dress Party - Why do men love to dress up like women? They can't stop grabbing their fake oranges as boobs and lifting their skirts to show off their stocking legs! Saturday night's party is going to be a hoot!

Dear Autumn Weather - I'm loving the cooler temperatures and listening to the rain when I'm inside all safe and warm. The change of seasons means the heater has made an appearance and so have my ugg boots!

Dear 3 Year Blog-versary and A Giveaway - Next week I'll have had this blog for 3 years WOW time has flown I didn't know I'd still be writing about my renovating journey 3 years on! I also have a Giveaway to share with you guys so stay tuned for more details :-)


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