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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fridays Letters - Dear Mental Health Day

I'm a little late playing along with Adventures of Newlyweds Friday link up thanks a bunch for hosting Ashley even while your under construction!
I'm imagining my letters are written from this calming office space I could almost get lost in that wallpaper of woods but I'm sure my hot chocolate will keep me awake.
Dear Mental Health Day - I need more days at home in my PJs doing nothing but watching daytime tv and eating chocolate. MHD are good for my soul.
Dear Patterned Tights - You make a boring outfit look exciting and with so many styles to choose from. You have been my Winter staple.
Dear Garage Door - I waited 6 weeks and you were finally being installed until it was discovered you were the wrong size. Seriously guys make that door properly this time you have 1 week that's 7 days or there'll be trouble.
Dear Bomb Fire Party - Nothing says goodbye to Winter like being on my parent's farm down the  paddock with a glass of wine and toasting marshmallows by the fire. Bring on Saturday!
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  1. Wine? Marshmallows? Sounds like you have the perfect weekend in front of you! I think we all could use a relaxing weekend right about now! And I'm with you on the Mental Health Days. Remember in high school if we sucked up to our parents enough they would let us have one? Here's to the cool parents and hopefully the cool bosses who will do the same. Have a great weekend!

  2. I haven't had a Mental Health Day in years... what's wrong with me!? I think that if I take the day off work it means I will have to do all the jobs around the house I keep putting off and... there's a reason I keep putting them off!!

  3. Bomb fire party sounds AWESOME! Where do I meet you? :D

  4. So that's what I need! A mental health day. Can I have about 30 in a row? I am seriously struggling ...


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