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Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Stripes Were Sabotaged

You know how excited I was last weekend about finally getting my stripe on the entrance wall

I even got featured today over at Joy 2 Journey's Show us What You Did party (thanks Bj!)

But then my stripes were sabotaged by a certain someone not mentioning any names (Mr P!) who knocked the wall carrying something out the front door and took out a massive chunk of the plaster smack bang in the middle of my stripe.

He quickly filled it with some concrete filler, sorry there isn't a before photo but I was too busy crying! Yes I was a sook but I worked so hard on those stripes and was so proud of them for the wall to be damaged only 1 week after I finished was pretty upsetting.

But what can you do?
Accidents happen and shit happens too!

I've just got to get over it and not dwell on it. So  now I've got to figure out how to fix it. I can't do one stripe because the hole has gone over both coloured stripes so I'm thinking about bringing in a third stripe. Not sure yet. Maybe a project for next weekend when I'm feeling less angry and less like a sooky lala!

[All images my own]

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  1. Oh no!! I would be a sooky lala too don't you worry! Also, Mr P should fix it, he broke it! Good luck getting it looking fab again, I'm sure between the two of you it will be looking great in no time.

  2. Shit indeed. I ain't gonna lie.. id be blubbering too :( xx

  3. Oh Michelle! All that hard work ... I would cry too! But on a positive note ... you get to create something new and unexpected!!! Hugs dear friend,

  4. Oh god, I'd be crying too after that! I'm sure you'll have it looking great again :)

  5. Oh no, how upsetting. I'm sure you'll come up with an awesome solution though!

  6. LOVE the stripes! I'm sure you'll fix it up and it will look just as perfect again.

  7. I remember the post about how excited your were about the stripes, can't believe I missed this. At least he was able to fix it up again...


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