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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ideas For Decorating The Entrance Wall

My house has a small entrance wall as you walk in the front door that really needs to be decorated and I've been putting it off as I wasn't sure what to do with it

This is the wall in question

If you turn right you walk into the Living Room

If you turn left you head down the Hallway

On the back of the entrance wall is my shoe and linen cupboards that I have wallpapered

So I was trawling through Pinterest (where else!) looking for ideas on how to decorate and I want it to make a statement when you walk in but to still blend with the other areas .... so here's what I've come up with

I was thinking about adding some metal wall art to the wall something with copper tones to match the art in the Living Room

Otherwise I was thinking of painting stripes on the wall as I absolutely love stripes to the point of being obsessed, but yet I haven't painted any yet (I have a lot of striped clothes though!). But I'm worried stripes will clash with the pretty patterned wallpaper around the corner and the bright colours in the Living Room

So then I had the brainiac idea of doing both - I could paint just one thick stripe to set off some wall art. It won't be as in your face when you walk in as a complete wall of all stripes might be and small wall art would make a statement without being dominating as you walk in the front door

I really like the thick stripe idea and would most likely use the same paint as I used on the media wall which is a deep charcoal grey

That way I'm getting my stripe obsession taken care of in one big thick go!

How is your entrance wall decorated?
Is it painted? Does it have art?
I'd love to hear about it!

[First 5 house images my own 
All other images via my Pinterest and can be found here  Metal art 1 and Metal art 2  - Multi stripe 1 and Multi stripe 2Stripe wall 1 and Stripe wall 2]

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  1. LOVE that idea!! I think that the entrance to your home should really reflect who you are, so that people walking in get an immediate taste of your personality. If you love stripes then stripes (or a stripe) should feature in the entrance to your home. It's also a good idea to feature that stripe/stripes throughout your home, just in small ways for the sake of continuity - like an artwork with stripes in the hallway and a striped cushion or throw in the lounge. It makes it feel a bit more harmonious rather than having one big, bold stripe and then no sign of stripes through the rest of the house. Sorry - that was a bit long-winded, but I hope I got my point across!

  2. I struggled with what to do on our entrance wall for ages too as like you say, it's the first thing guests see and so to me, should reflect you and your home before they even set foot in the door. Ours has gone through a few transformations from brick, to render and a feature wall colour to now, being the same as the other walls in a neutral shade. We have a huge print on the wall by Helen Norton, a not too deep hall table underneath and a few items displayed, although I am still playing around with what is displayed so that I have a balance of pretty and decorative and functional. There's a link to what our entrance here (although even those shots aren't the latest shots). I like your one stripe idea, I think several stripes (while I love them) would compete a bit for attention with patterns and colours in your living room. One stripe and some artwork would be awesome. Maybe one of the framed prints could feature stripes of some description as a bit of a nod to your love of them? Can't wait to see what you end up doing...

  3. the ideas!! have fun decorating!!

  4. I think you should do an eclectic wall display. A funky mirror or two, signs, framed art/post cards/pictures, etc.

  5. I really like a narrow bench, with a mirror, or art like you displayed or pictures in matching frames set over the length of the bench. Then decortae with a few pieces that have a pop of colour that is in other rooms to link them. It needs to instantly reflect the people who live there.
    Cant wait to see what you do!


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