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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Life Is An Adventure

It must be the one month countdown until my cruise holiday making me feel a little adventurous today

I hope everyone is having an adventurous week and if not why not buy a different brand of loo paper, pick up a new book, drive a different way home, ask a guy out, go dancing, wear sequins (in the day time!), learn something new, eat something you've never tried before ... the possibilities are endless!

Routine can become pretty boring live each day like it's an adventure!

[Images via my pinterest]

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  1. Wow funny you posted this, today I put on my brave pants & introduced myself to a guy in my lecture! These pants need to be worn more often!

  2. How exciting with only one month to go, such a good feeling! xx

  3. Good advice! Love the tutu picture too.


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