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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Picking An Interior Design Course

I've finally bitten the bullet and enrolled in an Interior Design Course 

I've just filled a new pencil case with my bits and pieces and getting excited about doing some study after 17 years ... I was always a nerd when it came to studying I love it!

Last year I went to a couple of 3 hour seminars at the Home Ideas Centre, one on Interior Design and the other on Kitchen Design which I found really useful (even though I haven't started on the kitchen renovation yet) I have all my notes ready to go!

Just last month I went to the School of Real Living / International School of Colour and Design colour masterclass I posted about here and here. This was the light bulb moment for me that I really do have a desire and passion for getting into Interior Design.

So I've been looking into a long course that I can do, rather than just short information sessions. I don't want to quit my day job of office management, but I do want to learn more about what I love to do in my renovating and decorating.

The International School of Colour and Design have an iStyle Colour Course that I was tempted by but as it's based in Sydney it would be by correspondence for me in Perth which I fear will be harder as I won't have the interaction with fellow home lovers and teachers and might lose the motivation to finish it.

The courses run by Tafe etc are a bit too full on for me, I don't want a degree from it or to make a living from it, I just want to learn some skills and get more confidence to renovate and decorate at home.

So the course I have chosen is run by Home Base Expo in Subiaco and is held 1 night a week over 6 weeks and the cost is $300. It covers all aspects of Interior Design - reading house plans, floors, lights, kitchen/bathroom/laundries, storage, colour, decorating etc.

I think it will give me a good insight into the different areas of Interior Design and help with my renovations as well as if I build a home from the ground up which may well be on the cards in the future.

The course starts tomorrow I'll let you know how it goes

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  1. Yay! How exciting! Let us know what it's like.

  2. Ooh, interior design course - sounds exciting! That colorful bookshelf is so, so cool.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment. =) Good luck with the interior design course!

  3. Bet you are so excited about going off to design school! I will be really keen to read all about it and be inspired by you. Love your comment about packing your pencil case ... I think we all have a little girl in us that loves stationery and nice pencils :-)

    Have fun!

  4. Congrats on enrolling in the course :) You'll do great :)

  5. Im excited for you and this new adventure! I stepped up to the plate a little over a year ago and enrolled at the Art Institute's online division for Interior Design. I am loving every bit of it. hope your first day went great.

  6. That's sooo great!! I can't wait to hear about the class...I'm an interior design junky as well. Good luck on this new joruney! :)

  7. cant wait to see what you learn, it sounds awesome!

  8. Congratulations on enrolling in the course! I always get excited like that too - getting my bag ready, with all my pretty pens...I think it's just a process we need to get through to make it real! I can't wait to hear how you go. I would love to do something fun like an interior design course, perhaps once the PhD is over :)

  9. How exciting! That's awesome! I hope you have a great time and learn a lot! Can't wait to hear about it! :]

  10. Good luck with your course! I'd love to do something like that x

  11. i know the exact course because i was looking at it in the paper the other day and thought "that would be an awesome course!" it's one i'd definitely love to do!!



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