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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Holiday Fashion and Shopping Sprees

I'm about a month away from my cruise holiday and have found it a bit hard shopping for Summery outfits whilst the Winter and Spring fashion is in the shops here.

I did manage to find some cute yellow shorts from Forever New and I'm loving their new Tropical Paradise collection ... It would be a dream come true to win a shopping spree in this store!

Mainly my shopping list is for summery dresses and shorts and cute tops for the day time and cocktail dresses for the evening and I'm still on the hunt for ...

A pair of flat sparkly sandals

A hat to keep the sun off
A few more evening dresses

What is your dream store to win a shopping spree in?

[All images via Forever New]

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  1. Love the first green dress. Sounds like the getting ready for a cruise is (almost) as fun as the actual cruise!

    Being a bigger lady, my favorite store is an online one called Virtu. $1000 spree there would be lovely.

    Have fun planning!

  2. Those first sparkly flats are gorgeoussssss!

    I'm not one for internet shopping but I guess that's your best bet? But mind you, a lot of stores are coming out with their spring stuff now! I managed to get two spring dresses a few weeks ago from Cue.

    If I were to win a shopping spree, it would definitely be for Cue! It would need to be a pretty big one though, everything there is so damn expensive! haha

  3. LOVE the sandals! My ultimate dream shopping spree would have to be Jcrew during the Spring/Summer...I just love the modern preppy look to their clothing, and they have great quality to them too! YAY for a cruise! :)

  4. Try online store Style Tread. Just bought the cutest blingy Holster sandals for $23 (free postage) they were selling in stores for $65. Ordered on a Saturday arrived Tuesday. Although I had no probs with mine, they do have a returns policy - check them out to see if they have what you need. Have fun on your cruise!


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