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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Interior Design Course Overview

I thought I'd give an overview of the Interior Design course I have just finished to see if anyone else in Perth is interested in going

WHAT TO TAKE - Pack a pencil case with coloured pencils, a highlighter, pencil, pen, ruler, scissors and glue. Grab an A4 unruled notebook for notes and scribbles.

WHAT YOU GET - A large lever arch file filled with papers and exercise pages to do at home if you want homework. We were also given a colour wheel mid way through to keep and practice with.

THE VENUE - Is the Home Base Expo in Subiaco which is a one stop place for all things home related with booths set up for sellers and products. Of course at night time when I went there it was empty so a good time to have a little look around without sellers hassling you or other people around.
THE FUNCTION ROOM - Is very basic with classroom type setup up tables and chairs, the projector was used a lot to show pictures which I found really helpful. There is no catering other than a coffee/tea break with biscuits half way through the evening. I suggest you bring your own bottle of water. There was a lovely lady who bought in some baked treats (and myself who took in some choccy biscuits!).
THE INSTRUCTORNatalie Boyd is an interior designer who was prompt and professional. Natalie asked people not to ask her specific questions about our homes but to make it a general question that the whole class can benefit from and I understand why she teaches this way because to be interrupted by students questions every 10 minutes does make the class drag on, unless it's advice that we can all benefit from.
COST AND LENGTH - This course is run 3 times a week both mornings or evenings which is great for those that work during the day they can go to the night classes and visa versa. It is one night a week over 6 weeks. It goes for 3 hours with about a 10 minute tea and biscuit break. The cost is $300 which I felt was good value for money.

IS IT FOR YOU - If you are building or renovating I would recommend this course as a complete overview of every aspect of your home from the style of windows, type of lighting, where to put storage and picking colours. If you want a more specific topic such as bathrooms only or landscaping only they also offer a number of other courses which go into more detail about that.

If you are serious about Interior Design and want a diploma or to get employment as an Interior Designer you would probably need to go to ISDC or somewhere more advanced. This course is more for the everyday home lovers.
If you want to know more information please ask away, I'm in no way shape or form paid for this review (or any others for that matter!) so my answer will be in my humble opinion.
You can read my week to week overviews here
Week 1 - Building and Design
Week 2 - Flooring and Lighting
Week 3 - Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundries
Week 4 - Storage
Week 5 - Colour
Week 6 - Window Treatments and Decorating

[Images 1-4 via Home Base Expo, Natalie Boyd, ]
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  1. $300 for all of that is amazing! I would have loved to have attended (out of interest and curiosity). How DO you use a color wheel? They look like so much fun!

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  2. Wow - what a cool course, is it just for people renovating they're own homes, or is the goal to be a designer afterwards?

    I have the same question as Vanisha - how does one use a colour wheel!

  3. Hi ladies
    The colour wheel shows you what contrast colours or complimentary colours you can choose depending on what type of look you want. It is a bit tricky to get use to but has even helped me with picking outfits to wear, choosing colours in similar tones that work well together instead of mixing with safe black or white options.
    I think its more for renovators and decorators as it gives an overview of everything home related, but it wont give you any qualifications as such.


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