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Sunday, October 28, 2012

10 Reasons To Go On A Cruise Holiday

When I share my enthusiasm for going on a cruise holiday I always get surprised looks from people who aren't use to young lasses like myself taking a cruise ... 

Trust me a cruise holiday it's not always like a floating retirement village!

Here are my 10 reasons to go on a cruise holiday

1. You unpack once - When you board and get to your cabin, unpack your suitcase and you don't need to pack it again until you get off. If there's one thing I hate about travelling it's living out of a suitcase!

2. No uncomfortable trying to sleep while flying - You aren't wasting 10+ hrs on a flight trying to sleep with crying kids and that annoying person kicking the back of your seat. Instead you retire to your cabin to lay back in your nice big bed enjoying a chocolate left on your pillow by your lovely stewardess.

3. Less luggage restrictions - If the ship is coming back into the Port where you live you don't need to worry about luggage restrictions. Yes that means you can shop to your hearts content and fit it all in your suitcase because it won't get weight when you get off. Those Airport luggage charges bite!

4. No waiting at Airports - You don't waste time travelling to Airports and waiting around for planes and dealing with delays etc. You cruise around in luxury wining and dining being entertained or just kicking back on a deckchair whilst you head to your next destination.

5. Free Entertainment - There is a different show on every evening that is included in your cruise fare - no extra money is spent on your entertainment. It can be a musical, circus acts, laser show, comedy, magician, singing, dancing the list goes on. Yes free!

6. Free Food - The food is plentiful and included in your cruise fare - breakfast lunch and dinner you can dine in fine dining restaurants with silver service waiters pulling out your chair and fussing over you or in the casual buffet service if you're feeling relaxed and want to help yourself. There is the option of paying to go to certain restaurants on board but you don't have to when you have these already included.

7. Portrait Photos - Ever wanted to get a family or couples portrait, well there are photographers snapping away when you get on/off the ship and they also have Portrait nights for you to get dressed in your best and they'll take special photos of you to purchase.

8. Travelling Solo - You don't need to get lost in Airports, catch taxis by yourself or dine alone. Once on board you will make instant friends to explore Ports with, you'll be seated at group tables for dinner and can then spend your evening drinking cocktails with your new found friends.

9. Exploring New Destinations - You have a full day to explore the town that the ship takes you to. There are plenty of tours to pick from so there is no organising what to see and do yourself if you don't want to, just pick a tour and let them plan an enjoyable day for you.

10. An all inclusive experience - The best thing for me is that everything is taken care of, there are no flights, transfers, tours, hotels, restaurants, etc to book. Once you walk up that ramp and onto the ship you just kick back and enjoy a relaxing holiday and let the lovely staff look after everything for you.

So tell me, have I convinced anyone to take a cruise holiday?

If you are keen to go on your own cruise adventure check out the awesome deals on Travel Factory here

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[All images via P&O Pacific Jewel]

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  1. You've won me over :) Sounds like lots of fun with lots of perks. I've never been on a cruise ship before... will be on my list of 'one day things to do'.

    Sorry haven't stopped past lately, am having a big bloggy catch up on your posts now x

  2. I have certainly enjoyed the ones I have done. Have a great week!

  3. If I'm on the P&O website.....I think it's safe to say you've won me over! haha. The photographer on board is such a good idea!

    Were there many singles?

  4. Glad Iv wooed a few of you ladies :) Yes Anya there were singles and people travelling solo. If I wanted a holiday but didnt have anyone to go with Id definately book myself on a cruise :)

  5. And, thanks for your good wishes on my little blog's first birthday! Cheers


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