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Monday, October 22, 2012

Scream Of Summer

I am loving all the bright colours around this Spring/Summer season the neon yellows and oranges really scream Summer to me
I'm not quite brave enough to wear neon fashion but definitely tempted by some homewares like a lamp or side table for the living room

What do you think of this Season's neon colours?

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  1. I walked into Sass and Bide today to look for a dress and I'm sure if the sales assistant had have been paying any attention to what she was supposed to be doing, she would have laughed at the look on my face. It looked like a preschooler had been in there with a pack of highlighters. So. Not. Me!

    Clothes or homewares really!

  2. I like the sentiment of bright and cheery - but I remember the early 80's too well!!


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