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Monday, October 29, 2012

Meatless Mondays

On the weekend I pour myself a glass of wine and grab a few cook books and write up a menu plan for the week.
I've started a trend with Meatless Mondays because I think it's good to have a break from chicken/meat/etc every day, it's healthier and a cheaper meal too.

Admittedly I get a funny look when I say we're having salad or a fresh lemon and herb pasta ... what  no meat?! I have to make it filling so we don't gorge on ice cream afterwards so usually add some carbs with potatoes or homemade bread or open a tin of tuna (I figure it's not meat so it's ok!)

Do you have any Meatless Monday recipes?
Please share, I'd love some more recipes to try!

[Image my own]

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  1. I really should do this. It's hard to change your thinking that something without meat is still a 'meal'.

    Are you allowed to have eggs? Things like frittatas, quiche etc.. could be good?

  2. Looks so healthy you can't help but feel good eating it! I made a korma curry lentil soup for dinner last night, although it does have a tiny bit of bacon, you can leave this out.

  3. I am personally not a big fan of salads but if you are creative you can create delicious meals without meals. Recently I did a pasta dish with a mixture of basil, mint and garlic with olive oil, feta cheese and cherry tomatoes. Very simple but incredibly satisfying ;)

  4. Salads never manage to fill me up for dinner! I'm currently trying to have carb-less dinners a couple of days a week. We are big on carbs here, be it pasta or potato, there is usually carbs with every dinner. And our bellies are showing the evidence!

    A nice salad I like lately (although I grill some chops to serve with it) is a couscous one with roast pumpkin and beetroot, feta or haloumi, blanched runner beans and grilled cherry tomatoes.


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