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Monday, October 1, 2012

The garden 1 year on

Right on cue my garden has been growing and blooming in the September spring sunshine
My round the tree garden which I planted this time last year from flowers I dug up from  my parents farm is in bloom and the plants have tripled in size really filling in the space. Not bad for a freebie and they need virtually no water they are super hardy and look after themselves.

Round the tree garden

In my herb garden everything planted in here is growing really well

The aloe vera plant has absolutely flourished since taking it out of its pot and planting in here. This is my favourite plant come summer time to sooth sunburnt skin (not that I'm careless and get burnt often!)

The parsley grown from seed and thyme growing from cuttings is growing great. The rosemary was from a cutting as well and not growing very well but maybe I'm having too many Sunday roasts and stripping the herb before it has a chance to grow!
I've also planted coriander and sage from seed in this herb garden and they are growing great guns. I cook with coriander heaps and it's so good picking it fresh from the garden instead of buying it from the shops ... just this week I've made a coriander pesto to coat lamp cutlets so yummy and stirred fresh coriander through a bean and lentil salad healthy and delicious.
My vegetable garden has come a full circle since planting began this time last year. The tomatoes have finished their harvest so they have been pulled out. The leeks never seemed to grow, I pulled one out and cooked it but it was really small so they others I've left in as I'm not sure if they need longer to grow or that's just the size of them.
The spring onions have not stopped growing they aren't as crisp and thick as they were before but definitely still edible, I put them in my green salad last night and garnish to my sour cream for my tacos the night before, again a vegetable I use a lot of so great to not be buying it every week.
Spring Onions
The rocket is another one that has come back again without any prompting and grown like wild, it has now gone to flower. It needed to be cut back quite a lot otherwise the leaves get really large and bitter and don't taste too good. I didn't use the rocket as much as I did the previous year, mainly I stirred it through salads and garnish for home made pizzas.


The rainbow carrots need a post all to themselves as true to their name they have grown into crazy carrots in rainbow colours!

Hows your garden growing?
[All images my own]
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  1. What an awesome garden! So many great things.

  2. What a fantastic spread! Coriander is fabulous isn't it? Admittedly it's difficult to find others who share in my enthusiasm for this wonderful herb! Keep up the green thumb...

  3. I love coriander and cook with it a lot but after trying about three times unsuccessfully to grow my own plants, I'm almost ready to give up. Any tips? What position is yours in? Does it need a lot of water or does it not like wet feet?


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