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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Interior Design Course: Week 6

Here's a recap of what a learnt in week 6 (the final class) of the Interior Design Course

Window Treatments and Decor
Types of Window Treatments
Decorating Your Home
Changing or Creating a Room Workshop

We were shown at length all the information there is to know about window treatments - the shapes and styles of coverings that suit your home depending on if you want light to come through, have kids and pets and need to clean them, etc.

Window treatments should not be an afterthought at the end of your home build when there is no money left. You should get a quote and work out a budget as some tracks and electrics can be installed during the build which will be cheaper than doing it afterwards.

We discussed the types of fabric you can use and the back lining and the pros and cons for each. The different pleats and eyelets ... I now know more about curtains that I ever thought possible!

Another important thing to think about is how the coverings will look from the outside of the house - you don't want the front of your house to have a mix of colours peeking through the windows it is best to keep them the same colour. If you do want different colours in each room you could have the same coloured blind on all windows and then a second blind with the colour. This is what we have done in our home - timber blinds throughout but in the rooms that needed more insulation and privacy block out blinds in different colours.

I'm pretty happy with the window treatments I've picked for our home -
  • Timber blinds throughout the house from Textile Traders when they have their buy 1 get 1 free sales. The curtain rods are also from Textile Traders.
  • The 2 side rooms my craft room/study and guest bedroom have cheaper aluminium blinds from Spotlight as the sunlight does not hit this side of the house.
  • The master bedroom and guest bedroom also have block out blinds in front of the blinds for extra privacy and to keep the sunlight out.
  • We have recently hung block out blinds in our living room in front of the timber blinds to make this room feel more cosy and secure.
  • All curtains are from Curtain Wonderland, again when they have their sales on (which they do now if you need curtains!)

My master bedroom - timber blinds and block out curtains

Study - Aluminium blinds

Guest Bedroom - Aluminium blinds and block out curtains
Living Room - Timber blinds and block out curtains

The latter half of the class was about decor with really interesting topics such as how to hang art and what colours to paint the walls behind art. I'm going through this at the moment with my stripe wall and it's true the colours you put behind the artworks can either contrast or compliment.

Displaying your collections together not spreading them out which makes them more special in a group rather than cluttering up each room with bits and pieces. Remember - strength in numbers!

There was homework but I am still in holiday mode so I haven't done it yet!

That was the last session of the 6 week Interior Design Course, you can read all about the other weeks here:
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[1st image and 6 images of master, study, guest, living room my own
All other images via Pinterest - Blinds Red here, Roller Blinds here, Eyelet Blind here, Curtain Blind here, Green Art here, Blue Art here, Clocks here, Globes here, ]
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  1. Well, wish you had done this part of the course before I made my curtains! You could have come around and done your homework here!! Bet you have loads of ideas running around your head now.

  2. Great post - I have lots of curtain choices I'm yet to make... will have to ask for your advice when I get up to that stage of decorating :)

  3. I like the first two bedroom image.


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