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Monday, October 15, 2012

No More Soggy Wet Towels

I've been a bit quiet on the bathroom renovations since the mirror went up months ago, mainly because the garage extension has taken over all our free time BUT we've managed to finish off a few jobs lately like the ceiling has been patched and painted where the old fan was removed and we found a towel rack and installed.

Still to do is paint the door frame and install the new door we bought and put the handles on then we are done and done! In the meantime we have no door on our bathroom so visitors are far and few between nowadays ... no idea why?!

I have added a new page for the Bathroom Renovations so if you want to see all the ghastly before and afters head on over here.

So about that towel rail - I was totally stuck on the type of towel rail to get we looked at so many bathroom shops and just couldn't find the right size bar to suit the number of towels with the wall space we have. We would've needed to buy 2 or 3 towel rails which was going to get expensive.

So when we saw the heated towel bars of 5 and up to 9 racks the lightbulb went off  a multiple bar rack and the novelty of a warm towel in winter - now we are onto something! So we shopped around and found Bathware Direct in East Perth were the cheapest and still a quality product so armed with their discount voucher they publish in the TV guide we bought their 9 bar heated towel rack for $222.50. I thought they would be so much more expensive (and a lot of them were) but I think this was a bit of a bargain really when you consider if we had of bought 2 racks at $100 each - instead we get 9 racks of heated goodness - you can't go wrong!

When we unpacked it however it had no power cord on the end, you need to buy your own (probably because then it can be shipped to overseas buyers as well). We haven't got around to that yet but it shouldn't be too difficult just a trip to Bunnings and feeding the wires into the new plug.

I couldn't bare to watch as the gorgeous wall tiles were drilled into by Mr P so I only have the after photos to show you of the rack installed. We measured and measured and measured again and checked with the level to make sure the screws were going into the right spot before picking up the drill.
The spot we decided on was behind the door which is right next to the power point so it was meant to be I say!

This towel rack is fantastic just hanging up towels normally (without it being plugged in) they dry straight away because of the gap between the wall and the rack the air really gets in and no more soggy wet towels!

Say it with me friends - no more soggy wet towels!

Now I have no excuse to be grumpy in the morning drying myself with a wet towel is never a nice way to start the day ... dry and fluffy is a much better way to go!

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[All images my own]
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  1. Nice! If there is one thing I cannot stand it is a soggy wet towel. We don't have any towel racks yet either, maybe I will suggest this one!

  2. Oh my, that is one GORGEOUS towel rack!

  3. Excellent choice!

    No musty smell either when it hasn't been warm enough to dry to towel!

  4. Ugh... The soggy wet towel. I toss mine in the dryer before my shower. Pretty expensive habit really. Looks fabulous on the wall. Might have to add that to the list of 'things to do'... :)

  5. I think I might need to invest in one of these :) I detest a wet towel and our ensuite has so little air flow drying towels in there is a pain... I look forward to hearing how you find the heating function on yours...


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