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Monday, April 15, 2013

Contrasting Colours - Kitchen Kick Boards

What's the point in renovating if you can't have a bit of fun with colours right?
We are playing it safe and having pure white kitchen cupboards but changing it up a bit and having black kick boards. Whoa I know we're living on the edge of interior design with that colour combo!
Seriously though, black kick boards will make the white cabinets look like they're floating. Plus they'll hide stains and scuff marks.
Take a look at these contrasting cabinets and kick boards.
What do you think of contrasting kick boards?
You can see the final kitchen plans here and our renovation action plan here.
[Image 1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
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  1. Good idea! Will look really good, bet you are excited to get the kitchen underway!

  2. I think it looks good as long as you have enough light in the room!!

  3. Looks really good! Love the contrast.

  4. I loveeeee the first pic! Not a fan of black benchtops though (like the 2nd pic)

    Can't wait to see what yours will look like!

  5. I have a black granite bench top and white drawers, I love it. I am a big fan of white kitchens, I know this may be a bit of work, but have you thought of mirrored kick boards? I have seen a few photos in magazines, great for reflecting light, and making the space look bigger. xxx

  6. This is so true about having fun with color. There is something modern and fresh about the colors and I absolutely love white kitchens, I would definitely go with this if I own a house one day.


  7. love it! what backsplash are you having? Looks very effective with black backsplash. Kitchen is always my favourite room on renovating shows! I love the mirror backsplash too, but imagine all the cleaning!? x Aroha


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