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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Weekend Happenings

Is it just me or did Easter really sneak up on us coming early in March this year ...

It was so good to have a 4 day break. We didn't go away we spent the time around home but managed to have equal parts relaxing and doing things which is always a good feeling.
Drove around visiting friends and family for Easter catch ups and a house warming party. Handed out mountains of chocolate eggs, bunnys, humpty dumpty and treats.
Ate too much chocolate and drank too much wine. Made a delicious fish and prawn curry on Good Friday from fish caught by my big brother ... it's quite a step up from the fillet-o-fish burger I use to get from McDonalds on Good Friday!
Took Lexi to the park she splashed around in the River and got all muddy. She loves playing with other dogs she's a bit of a tramp really! We've had her for 3 months now she has really settled into our home so well and is much loved and spoilt.
I read some of my home design books getting inspired about the kitchen renovation. Lazed about on the couch watching Foxtel and my favourite Lifestyle shows and getting my dose of house envy. I pretty much watched Sarah 101 reruns all afternoon she has such an engaging personality and is so damn talented I have a major girl crush on her!
Finished the last of my lessons for the BYW Blog Boss course and have made lots of notes and goals I want to achieve in the coming months. I spent hours updating my blog by added some new tabs to my top header to make it easier to find things.
Got a few jobs done around the house like cleaning out the garage and getting it ready to be turned into the makeshift kitchen while we're renovating. Also installed a new dishwasher at my apartment to keep the tenants happy.
So that was our Easter break!
How was yours? What did you get up to?
[All images my own]
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  1. i have a sarah crush too. i've been watching her since day one...she's a canadian girl eh? ....her cottage isn't too far from here. if you ever get to toronto...go to the eaton centre...find mr green jeans (restaurant) sit in the glory of her design work. it's very "sarah"...i love going there.

  2. I love that yellow bowl the candy is in!
    Easter definitely snuck up on us too. We had an egg hunt even though it was freezing out. I'm READY for warm weather!

  3. Glad you had a relaxing one and got a bit done around the house. The best kind of breaks I think.


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