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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lexi 3 Months On - The Backyard Destroyer

Who would've thought this cute little furry face that we rescued from the RSPCA just 3 months ago would turn into a backyard destroyer?

Lexi has turned the lawn into a sand pit with her running and digging, beware of twisting your ankle walking into her rabbit hole tunnels she loves to dig, she's pulled over and emptied all my herb pots under the patio, frangipani cuttings I'd been growing chewed to bits, vegetables trampled and destroyed, all the plant tags removed so I have no idea what I've planted where ... I've officially given up on the backyard!

Like most dogs Lexi's 2 favourite things to do are CHEW and DIG!

She pulled down a set of brand new outdoor lanterns 1 by 1 and tore them to shreds, all my plastic solar lights, wooden stick oil burners, little kids shoes (oh yes that caused tears!), her own bed  and blankets, door mats, just about anything she can get her teeth into really.

Mr P put a paint brush down turned his back for 10 seconds and she had grabbed it in her mouth and ran with wet paint dripping everywhere to chew her new play thing. Can you imagine? Lexiiiiiiiiii drop the paint brush now!

There must have been kids that lived in our home before us, finding toys down our drain was a big hint to this!

Lexi has dug up all sorts of treasures ... Barbie dolls, dinosaurs, trucks, cars, figurines and all sorts of funny objects. It's hilarious to come and find her in her bed holding onto a dinosaur with its head bitten off. You get em Lexi!

When Lexi's not chewing - she's digging.

Oh yes we have lots of places for her to dig. Like where our lawn use to be for instance. Yes we had lawn but not anymore. The backyard is just one big sand pit for Lexi to dig until her little paws are content. Sometimes she doesn't just dig, she excavates! Check out this little project she left for me recently ... friends think she should be helping to work on the mines she'd find gold in no time!

It took me a while to realise that whenever I give her bones, she buries them straight away. And then digs them up. Buries. Digs up. Buries. Digs up.

When I caught onto this I started to make little ice dog treats for her instead that way she had to lick her treat she couldn't bury it anywhere! It's a mix of beef stock, leftover meat, chicken or veggies or dog biscuits and I freeze it in a disposable container and then put it in her bowl for her to lick away for hours. I did wonder if her tongue would stick to it but it didn't (thank god!) and it kept her amused for a lot longer than digging bones did.

On the upside Lexi has been learning her manners and knows how to sit, drop, stay, and go to her bed.

I've tried teaching her to catch the ball but half the time she makes me go fetch it myself which isn't so much fun! She does love to play chasey though, she bolts around our Around The Tree Garden and has now made a bit of a running track for herself, complete with booby trap holes so if we should follow her around the tree to chase her some more we would probably twist an ankle. Ouchy!

Lexi the backyard destroyer ... just don't leave your shoes outside friends!

Do you have any tips for stopping dogs from digging and chewing everything?
I'd love to hear them!

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  1. Oh Lexi... The headless dinosaur, almost spat out my tea. Hilarious :)

  2. This is so funny but also not funny because I know it's a pain. Our dog used to dig holes in the yard and then our vet gave us some advice. It sounds so gross but it worked immediately for us! If you put some of her dog poop in the holes she digs she will eventually stop digging. Dogs don't like feces! Who does? Once they start to notice that EVERY time they dig a hole poop appears in it they stop. It's strange but it works and it's free lol.

  3. Sorry I think you have to wait till she is two. Lexi may then stop throwing tantrums xxx

  4. Ah yes Michelle, the joys of a toddler dog. I am afraid you might just have to wait until she grows up. As for shoes and chewing, they are all individuals - I have had 4 dogs - 3 never chewed at all, 1 chewed everything in sight - including a sofa. GREAT idea about the frozen treat. I have heard of Ashley's tip of dog poo, but I am guessing you can't cover the whole backyard in it. Wear her out, and hope she sleeps a lot!

  5. So clever of you to make doggie ice pops! That sucks about the digging. We have a friend who brings his dog to play with ours once in a while and the backyard does get pitted. I agree that our dog grew out of it and I hope yours does too! Emily from (and BYW)


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