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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saying Goodbye To My 1960s Retro Kitchen

Before I get too excited about the Kitchen Renovation and demo my old 1960s Kitchen I want to show you some scary and down right ugly before photos of the heart of our home these last few years. 
My hopefully one day sister in law helped clean the kitchen cupboards when Mr P and I moved in and I remember my words to her so clearly Oh don't worry to much we'll be ripping it out soon .... well who knew it would take 3.5 years until we got to the Kitchen renovation!

I can finally say bye bye cupboards that are inches off the floor thus wasting precious cupboard space and only fit a third of my kitchenware.
Covering the bare bones chipboard in retro laminate is a nice touch - if you are a school book! The little bits of wood chips that are in every dish I pull out the cupboard will not be missed.

Glass wall cabinet you aren't too bad just a bit stiff to open and too small for my glass collection. I'd like to salvage you for other use but the years of grease and grime on top of you are a little off putting, sorry.
Oven we've had to replace 2 fuses and 1 hotplate only knows top temperature but you have cooked some delicious meals and been a huge part of this kitchen. Bench top next to the Oven I'm sorry I can't say the same for you, you're lacking and almost non existent, it's called disappointment size.
Pantry you are large and deep and have been a loyal holder of my food. No offence but you take up far too much room than you really need to with that brick wall protruding into the kitchen space.
Fridge you'll be moved into the corner with an over head cabinet to keep you company. Wall you will soon be put to use and house the oven, stove top and microwave - you are going to be the best of mates and I am going to love cooking with bench space.
Yes microwave you'll have a home off the bench top so I won't have to lean in sideways to pull steaming hot food out of you - best of all the cooking will take place in the same zone.

Saving the best to last my L shaped bench we have had some good times you and me ... I can forgive the objects rolling off you and smashing onto the ground because you're on a lean because it makes up for it when I think of the wine consumed, chats with mates, chopping and cooking that have taken place here. 

Now that I've said my proper farewells to a Kitchen that has served me well over the years, I can now move forward, sledge hammer in hand, to make way for my shiny new Kitchen.

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[All images my own]
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  1. I can't wait to see the after photos! I bet you are so excited! I know I would be =)

  2. Love the glass cabinet! Very chic!

  3. How exciting to redo your kitchen! I love how it looks nice, but I'm sure it'll be even nicer when you're done :)

  4. So excited for you. Looking forward to seeing the progress photos!

  5. Thanks ladies Im very very very excited for my new kitchen!


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