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Friday, May 30, 2014

Another List .... Long Weekend Projects

We have a Foundation Day Long Weekend coming up this weekend, an extra day to relax at home, catch up with friends and family, and most importantly for us - tackle some of the home improvement projects we have started but not finished around the house and they are driving us nuts!
For anyone that follows me on Facebook or Instagram you will have seen snippets of these projects as I'm working on them ..... If you don't follow me why not? You're missing out on all the action live as it happens!
On the to do list ....
1. We hung all new internal doors over the Easter break last month - But we haven't yet put the new handles on or painted the doors. Getting stuck in the bathroom with no door handle and trying to pry open the door that's suctioned closed is not as fun as it sounds ... especially when you're home alone and nobody can help you get out!
2. We painted our window frames at the front of the house over the last few weekends - Thanks to Dulux who were kind enough to send me to some paint to try out and get inspired with their new colour range and combinations. We managed to paint on an undercoat and 1 top coat of colour but it's been raining and too wet to get a 2nd coat on. I'm dying to show off this painting project with you and also want to remove the painters tape before it sticks on so much it won't come off!
Photo: Painting our window frames undetered by seedy Sunday hangovers! Hope I like the charcoal better than the white .... Im still a little undecided!
Making progress outside .... painting the window frames
3. I sanded, sealed and stained our new front door last weekend - Yes a very proud moment for me to get my dainty hands into some DIY instead of Mr P doing all the dirty work all the time! It just needs a 2nd coat of stain and then I can show you the before and after which will knock your socks off!
4. We started to make a Rain Chain last weekend - We got a feature pot and chain and need to finish it off by connecting it to our soak wells so it drains properly. I'll also be sharing a How To Make a Rain Chain post which is such a cool project and something that more Australian homes should have if down pipes are ever an issue for your house, like they were for ours because of windows being in the way.
Picking a feature pot for our Rain Chain project
5. Make a decision on the colour of the courtyard slats - We have been procrastinating for months on making a decision and contacted more companies asking for more samples to try to match our garage door to the fence slats. We recently received some more samples and that's it ..... we will make a decision from the colour samples we have and place an order this weekend, no more excuses!
6. The laundry and toilet renovation - We have been planning this renovation for months now and have booked in the plumber for mid June ..... so we have just a few weeks left to buy the rest of our materials ready for the plumber to install - sink, taps and toilet and buy and put all the flat packs together. Hopefully we can do a shop this weekend and buy the items we've had our eye on but have been waiting and hoping they go on sale!
Jarrah Jungle Laundry Room
Laundry Mood Board
Having so many projects started and not finished doesn't have that complete sense of achievement -  until the job can be ticked off the to do list and we can sit back with a bottle of wine and celebrate that all our hard work is turning our house into a home we love ... we are getting there one project at a time!
What's on your Weekend to do list? 

 photo F0F68C01A59FABD46732FC15E1D8816D_zpsc6047f2f.png

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[All images my own]

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  1. Have a great long weekend Michelle! Good luck with all the DIY! Sometimes it feels like it will never end but it's worth it for the finished product.
    ENJOY xx

    1. You are so right Sarah, just got to keep on going it will be well worth it when its all done. And the truth is I enjoy the process as well, I guess I wouldnt do it (or blog about it!) if I didnt love it all :)


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