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Monday, May 19, 2014

Book Review and Preview: Then And Always: A Novel By Dani Atkins

This is a book review and preview of the book Then and Always: A Novel by Dani Atkins that is due to be published on 20 May 2014.

This is the first novel from author Dani Atkins and I don't think it will be her last - she is a brilliant writer. Dani lives in a 400 year old cottage in rural England with her family, two elderly cats and one very excitable border collie.

This is the story of Rachel fresh out of high school and in her early 20s, she has a terrible accident and can't remember her life from the last 5 years. The life Rachel remembers - where she lives, who her partner is, the career path she took, everything, is very different to the life that she actually wakes up to and starts to live.

This novel basically takes two different paths of how Rachel's life turned out - it's the kind of story that makes you stop and think about all those what if moments in your own life ... what if you had done things different, what if you left the house at a different time, what if you started talking to that stranger. Who knows how life could turn out, for better or worse, if you took another path!

I really liked the way the story was written from two different sides of Rachel's life. It was written very well and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to find out what was going to happen next. Rachel was very likable and very believable in the type of character she played as well.

This story line was very similar to Sliding Doors the movie with the 2 different lives that Gwyneth Paltrow lived. It also reminded me of the book One Day with the girl and best boy friend type story line - I loved One Day (I don't often give books 5 stars!) and I loved this book as well (yes it's another 5 star rating from me!).

I recommend this book to One Day and Sliding Door fans and anyone who likes a modern day romance.

I give this book 5 stars

Jarrah Jungle's Star Rating:

1 Bad - I'd rather eat brussel sprouts topped with anchovies than read this again
2 Not Good - I'd rather watch re-runs of Neighbours than read this again
3 Ok - I'm sitting on the fence - its not great but not terrible either
4 Good - I'd pass up a pack of tim tams for this read
5 Great - I'd pass up a date with Johnny Depp for this read

Then and Always can be purchased from Random House here

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Disclosure: NetGalley partner with bloggers such as me to help promote their product. As part of this promotion I was given this eBook published by Random House, Ballantine Books to review. I have not received any payment or compensation for this review. I have not been told what to say about this product, I am free to form my own opinion and share them in my own words. All opinions are my own.

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  1. This sounds really good! I'm adding it to my "to read" list =)

    1. It was a fantastic book and Im a hard marker but this got a perfect 5 out of 5!


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