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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

No Laundry Reno Update This Week

I wanted to give you a Laundry/Powder Room renovation update this week on the laundry sink and taps, I even dedicated over 5 hours of my weekend to writing a blog post .... but somehow after 5 hours of typing, editing, uploading images, researching brands and styles, pros and cons and proof reading for the millionth time .....
All my work was gone at the click of a mouse. I stupidly closed it all down and hoped by some magical notion that it would all be restored when I went back in again. No such luck. I was angry and frustrated and sad and ready to burst into tears all at the same time. I get chocked up about it now just thinking about it!
If anyone has ever worked on something and then lost all their hard work, time and effort you'll know exactly how I feel.
I can't bring myself to write it all again even though I learn so much more about my home renovations when I write about them, explaining my decisions reinforces everything in my own mind and I become more confident in my decisions.
But not this time. I can't bring myself to do it all again. Sorry.

When was the last time you had a shit happens moment?
 photo F0F68C01A59FABD46732FC15E1D8816D_zpsc6047f2f.png

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  1. Oh no Michelle!! I've done something similar with things I have written it is so shitful and the most annoying part is you can't be grumpy at someone else for it!!
    If it makes you feel any better I have many shit happens moments every day, sometimes involving actual shit (the kids not mine) fun things like vacuuming the house and not noticing the kids have opened a packet of crackers and walking around the house dropping them everywhere! So. Much. Fun ;)

    1. Now that is a word I need to add to my vocabulary - shitful! Exactly thats what got me so pissed off that it was my own fault!
      Oh dear. Ok you win on the shit stakes lol :)

  2. That sucks big time, I can understand how you feel. The other week I managed to delete every single photo from my blog with one click. I got the pics back luckily with another click but it took a few days to figure out.

    1. Oh no that would kill me! Thank god you got them back!!

  3. Oh, I am SO sorry! That really does suck... I have done this on blog posts, but not any that where I had invested 5 hours of time. I am sick for you! I did start my blog as sort of a diary when my kids were babies and I was working on turning them into books. Well, I deleted an ENTIRE year that I had worked on converting into a book and I have not even gone back to restart what I deleted... Just can't do it. Just the kids can just wade through my cd's of photo backups from my camera in the future. ;)

    1. It sucks big time! Oh no I feel your pain. And what a great idea too. Your kids will probably be whizzes on the computer they can redo it for you!


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