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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's My Birthday .... Almost !!!

So it's my Birthday tomorrow and maybe it's a sign of growing older or heaven forbid growing up but just like last year I'm not organising an entire week of Birthday celebrations this year.
I know it's a shock right!
I'm having just a few days off work for a chilled out Birthday, no big party or celebrations planned, I just want to spend time catching up with friends, drinking champagne, a bit of pampering at the day spa (always my Birthday present to myself!) and a romantic date night with my love Mr P.
And I'm one happy May babe!
If I'm not on the blog over the next few days (blame the champagne and relaxing massage bliss!) then you can always find me on Facebook and Instagram sharing snippets of my days.

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  1. Happy EARLY birthday! A few days off of work sounds nice... My son Nathan is turning 8 on Saturday and I always love that his bday is in May, such a nice month. Now you just need to take a photo of you with a ton of helium balloons. :)

    1. Thanks so much I had a really nice break :) Yay for May babes!

  2. Happy Birthday for tomorrow!!! Wishing you a fabulous day whatever you're doing xxx

    1. Thanks Trishie I had a fantastic Birthday :)


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