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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wallpaper - Which One Do You Like?

I am a massive fan of wallpaper .... especially using a small amount on just one wall as a feature.
We wallpapered the Jarrah Jungle hallway cupboard doors with wallpaper we picked up for a crazy $5 Euros on a trip to Amsterdam a few years ago. I bought 3 rolls and managed to ram them into my suitcase and fly them all the way back to Australia with me.

I've only used 1.5 rolls and it's such a subtle pretty pattern that I'm sure I'll be able to use it to decorate my future homes as well. Listen to me already thinking about the next house to decorate!
For the laundry and toilet renovation I am thinking of a feature wall behind the door in the soon to be powder room - wallpaper can create such a big impact in a small room and is fun and unexpected, especially in the toilet!

I'm also contemplating wallpapering the wall and door in the laundry that has the shoppers entry door into the garage, because we are replacing all the internal doors throughout the house but we aren't replacing this door because it's a custom size and thus very expensive. It can be a cheaper option of hiding the imperfections on the door by wallpapering it.

So I visited Perth's newest Masters home improvement store on the weekend and came home with more than a few wallpaper samples, hey they were free I couldn't help myself!
I narrowed it down to 4 favourites and took the samples home to see how they'd look on the wall - from left to right there is: Laura Ashley Red and Gold, Red and Grey Stripe, Blue Wash Wood and Retro Leaf Silver/Orange
I really like the Retro Leaf  and think the colours will go nicely with the grey and white tiles planned for the laundry and toilet.
The retro pattern is fun for our 1960s house and isn't trying to be too modern or something that it's not. The orange adds a hit of colour without being overpowering and can be the feature colour in this room, all I need to do is find some artworks with a similar colour palette to bring it all together.

My other favourite is the wood panel look wallpaper Blue Wash Wood. These realistic looking wallpapers have been pretty popular over the last few years and it will bring texture and a heap of character to the room.

Once home I stuck the samples up on the wall ...... The Retro Leaf is a really cool pattern and print whereas the Blue Wash Wood seems to have more depth and interest.
The other thing swaying me towards the wood look is  the wooden bench top for the laundry and this wallpaper will be a nod to the wood in the room and the Jarrah floorboards throughout the house.

This is the door and wall I'm thinking of wallpapering, so it blends in as one and is a feature wall. As you can see this wall and door took a bit of a beating when we turned our carport into a garage because the old concrete floor and steps into the laundry had to be cut out to make way for the shiny new garage.

Of course the other factor to consider is the price - being a bargain queen it's hard to resist the Retro Leaf at $32 a roll whereas the Blue Wash Wood is more than double the price at $70.

Although both rolls are pretty cheap, because I've seen the designer rolls of the wood look wallpaper at $200+ a roll.

So now it's decision time - A colourful retro vibe Vs The trendy rustic look
Which wallpaper do you like?

 photo F0F68C01A59FABD46732FC15E1D8816D_zpsc6047f2f.png

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[All images my own]

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  1. AnonymousMay 07, 2014

    I like the Retro Leaf one the best and I think it will look great with a wooden bench. The wood one is nice too, but not for a door only and for some reason I think it looks better horizontally orientated than vertical. (Could be just me!) I think the wood look wallpaper would be harder to pull off.

    1. I have not thought about which way to hang the wood one, that is a great idea to do it horizontally!

  2. I would prefer the wood one horizontally placed, too. I think the wood one would be neat on a wall, not a door... I love the red/gold one or the gold leaf one.... fun choices!

    1. Another vote for horizontally laid, thanks Carrie :) There are too many nice ones to choose from I want them all!

  3. You know me...shabby looking wood wins in my book! As long as it doesn't look to fake in person. Hard to tell in pictures. The leaf pattern is also a great choice. You've got a good eye.

    1. You are my shabby go to decorator for sure! Thanks so much for your advice :)


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